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Stay home, stay 6′ from others, and wear face masks.

Information on the restrictions in the city and testing dates/locations can be found on the city’s website.

Paid Parking resumes February 1, 2021. If you didn’t obtain a sticker for 2020 (expiring in 2022), you can apply by contacting City Hall. View the PDF brochure here.



With the approved plan and the changes in government officials, new ideas for Hillmoor should be in the forecast. Perhaps we can still influence how the land is used. Check in to find out when more action is happening.

See our Hillmoor page for more information.

Show your support of safe practices!

We are offering lawn signs to those who want them. Use the form at the right to send us your request.

Note: we are asking for a cash donation ($10 if you can spare it; more if you have it) to cover the cost of printing.

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