Planning for Lake Geneva

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Why does the city council hire an “expert” to do what the city council is responsible for doing themselves? Our money could be better spent. We have plenty of experts right here in the city. And we have something even better; plenty of smart citizens who really know this city, and really care about it. Do we really need an “expert” to tell us how to make this city more like the Dells? Is that what we really want? Sure we could close streets, eliminate precious parking spaces, build multi-story parking garages, raise building height limits, demolish the library for a real money making enterprise, build a huge pier out into the lake, like Navy Pier in Chicago. But, the real attraction for our visitors is the very thing so many people among us are trying to destroy; our small, clean town with a lake, plenty of places to walk, and a nice shopping area. Leave it alone! Don’t go out and pay “experts” to tell us how to change it! Do we really want to change the town just so more merchants can make more money? Let’s have a mayor and city council that  tells us how to PRESERVE Lake Geneva, not destroy it.
Rick Steinberg