To our City Council members,

There is a certain beauty about our city of Lake Geneva that seems to be slowly slipping away. Change is inevitable and can be good if properly planned for and thought out. As we all know, short-term gain is not always in the best interest of anyone or any place. Progress is necessary but can and should be done in keeping with the personality and flavor of the area in order to be most beneficial to all.

Our beautiful city draws people from near and far, now in winter, with the Ice Castles, as well as in summer, for our lovely lake and downtown area of unique shops and restaurants. That being said, people who visit are ususally here for a specific length of time and if an inordinate amount of that time is wasted sitting in traffice (maybe with a lake view, maybe not) they may be less inclined to return to spend time here again. The traffic on Hwy 50 on any given day from early May till late September can be backed up for several blocks as people search for parking spaces or simply try to get from one end of town to another. The addition of a Dunkin’ Donuts, a convenience store AND a car wash just East of town, right near a church and school and next to a bowling alley could conceivably create an exponentially greater traffic back up than we already see. We know that Hwy 50 will always remain a 2 lane road and even with the addition of a turn lane that will not ease the congestion because the turn lane will also end up being backed up as people wait to turn and others behind them wait to get into the turn lane.

We already have a KwikTrip, 2 car washes and several other gas stations and convenience stores in or just outside of town. If the new proposed additions are aimed at accommodating the visitors to our city and end up being built, causing increased congestion and frustration for drivers and the visitors decide not to come to Lake Geneva for those reasons, what WILL we do with those businesses as they lose income and may not be able to remain open?

I would ask that all of our Council members and Planning Commission members think long and hard about the proposed new businesses and decide to do what will be best for Lake Geneva in the long run. As I see it, that would be to vote down the proposal for this new business complex.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for all the time and effort all of our city officials give so willingly to our great city of Lake Geneva.


Maureen-Anne Redmer
Lake Geneva Resident