Things we are watching

Here are some of the items we are keeping an eye on with the information we are gathering and would like to share. If you have a topic or information to share, please let us know.


ice castle/dunn field

UPDATE: The Ice Castles LLC has pulled their request for a permit to use a portion of the city’s Hillmoor property for this winter. After listening to comments, the FLR Committee present (Howell, Halverson, Proksa, and Hedlund) sent the Park permit to the City Council (scheduled to meet on August 26) without recommendation, meaning they were neither for nor against the permit.

The major problem was that the Ice Castles people had not contacted the School District about using their parking lot or holding a major event on the doorstep of an elementary school.

Stay tuned for the next step.

The Ice Castle last winter was a hit with the business community.

See their proposal for this coming winter and beyond here.


The city’s section of Hillmoor was hard hit by the recent flood. Click here to go to a photo journal of what happened.

Vanderwalle’s proposal to work on a plan was passed by the City Council. Stay tuned for more information on the progress.

Please keep engaged and learn what you need to know to offer your thoughts on the land.

Here is a good timeline of the Hillmoor property development.

We have a page with more detailed information on Hillmoor to share.


Starry Stonewort is an invasive plant that has been found in Geneva Lake. Left to its natural progress, this horrible species of algae can take over the bottom vegetation of a lake and kill plants, fish and overall health.

The most effective method of treating this algae is to dredge it out of the lake. Only Lake Geneva has not given its approval to a lake-wide, 5 municipality plan to dredge. See this link for more information, and contact your council member to encourage our participation in an effort to save the lake.

2020 city plan

Here is a link to Draft #1 of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The September 16 Plan Commission meeting left us wondering if they can achieve the request to involve more community members. Come back for more info soon.

To compare, here is a link to the 2011 plan, with 2017 updates:  Link to plan.

Here is the timeline for the project that we could find.

riviera renovation

A community meeting took place on June 5. As soon as results are published we’ll have information here.