Things we are watching

Here are some of the items we are keeping an eye on with the information we are gathering and would like to share. If you have a topic or information to share, please let us know.


2020 city plan

The city is working on the new comprehensive plan. We’ll put links to meetings and other info here.

Link to the 2011 plan, with 2017 updates:  Link to plan.

Here is the timeline for the project that we could find.


City planners want to develop ideas for the Hillmoor property. See their proposal here. Note that this project would cost TAXPAYERS up to $53,000, and the developers will use the study. We have a page with more detailed information on Hillmoor to share.

riviera renovation

A community meeting took place on June 5. As soon as results are published we’ll have information here.

ice castle/dunn field

The Ice Castle was a hit with the business community and the company that ran them.

See their proposal for 2019 and beyond here.